HD5T Load Bars

Designed to be tough, reliable and easy to install under any manual or hydraulic squeeze chute.


Product Code
880 0003-773
Suitable for:
Product icon - Easy to Use
Simple set-up for easy installation.
Product icon - Keep a Safe Distance
Capacity for heaviest cattle squeeze chutes.
Product icon - Durable
Durable for outstanding performance.
    Product Features
    • Extremely easy to install: simply bolt it to the squeeze chute and to the level concrete surface.
    • The 11,000 lb capacity and 39" long heavy-duty load bars are suitable to mount under the heaviest of cattle squeeze chutes.
    • Corrosion-resistant with galvanized steel construction to endure the harshest agricultural environment.
    • The sealed load cell protects against moisture damage allowing the load bars to remain outside under the chute.
    • Heavy-duty TPR/PVC cables minimize the likelihood of cable damage.