WaterWell™ 2

Designed to have a low profile for easy access for livestock of all sizes. 

Product Code
880 0003-426
Suitable for:

 Reliable and convenient water supply

Product icon - Water
Reduce evaporation and algae growth.
Product icon - Water All Year Round
Efficiently check water levels from a distance.
Product icon - Easy to Use
Easily adjust the water level to meet demand.
    Product Features
    • 31-gallon water capacity suitable for 110 beef herd capacity. 
    • Our flotation balls act as a visual water-level cue — if you can see them from a distance, the water level is adequate.  
    • The balls help seal the waterer in summer to reduce evaporation and keep the unit dark to eliminate algae growth. 
    • Your livestock will quickly learn to push the balls down to access the freshwater beneath.  
    • Larger ball opening to comfortably accommodate the muzzle of even the largest animals. 
    • Our flotation balls help with water temperature control — white balls deflect the summer heat, while black absorbs sunlight and helps to keep the water a little warmer in the winter. Our black balls are also more visible in the snow. 
    • Our square float provides a greater flat surface area to encourage full water shut-off once the desired water level is reached.  
    • The float arm allows you to easily adjust your water level to meet seasonal demand.  
    • Industry leading Jobe Topaz Compact Valves. 
    • 8 year product warranty.