Fence Monitoring Gateway

Save time, money, and stress by automating your Fence Monitoring with Tru-Test.


Product Code
880 0004-540 Fence Monitoring Node 2W (FN1F 2W)
880 0004-541 Gateway – Wi-Fi/Ethernet (GW1)
Suitable for:

Peace of mind with automated fence monitoring

Product icon - Time
Save time and labor from manually checking fences
Product icon - Easy to Use
Get timely alerts if voltage drops below the set level
Product icon - Around the clock
24/7 alerts and access to real-time cloud data.
    Product Features
    • Works with any brand of energizer
    • Instant voltage readings via smart device
    • Gateway connects by WiFi or Ethernet
    • 24/7 Cloud-based data storage & monitoring
    • Designed for remote locations
    • Cover larger areas by adding nodes; 1 Gateway & up to 50 Nodes per system
    • Manage up to 50 pastures on one system
    • Up to 1,640ft of radio frequency per Node within line of sight
    • Nodes record up to 12,000V
    • UV stabilized hardware; weatherproof, durable, and made to last
    • Proper measurement requires connection to fence and grounding
    • LEDs & in-app instructions for easy install with just a cordless drill, wrench & wire cutters