Fence Monitoring

Welcome to the future of smarter fencing. Gone are the hours of manually checking your electric fence; Tru-Test Fence Monitoring puts constant voltage readings in your pocket, alerting you if there is a problem. 

Tru-Test Fence Monitoring voltage
Access your voltage readings 24/7 to check your electric fence is performing no matter where you are.
Real-time alerts notify you instantly if something goes wrong, giving you time to focus on more important tasks on your farm.
Access real-time cloud data with 24/7 access
Review fence performance trends over time to determine when maintenance or replacements are required.
Maximum of 50 Nodes per Gateway or manage up to 50 pastures on one system.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Works with any brand of energizer
  • Instant voltage readings via smart device
  • Gateway connects by WiFi or Ethernet
  • 24/7 Cloud-based data storage & monitoring
  • Designed for remote locations
  • Cover larger areas by adding nodes; 1 Gateway & up to 50 Nodes per system
  • Manage up to 50 pastures on one system
  • Up to 1,640ft of radio frequency per Node within line of sight
  • Nodes record up to 12,000V
  • UV stabilized hardware; weatherproof, durable, and made to last
  • Proper measurement requires connection to fence and grounding
  • LEDs & in-app instructions for easy install with just a cordless drill, wrench & wire cutters



How it works 

A tree falls on the electric fence causing a drop in fence voltage.
The electric fence voltage data is broadcast out from the nearest Fence Node and bounced up to 500m from node to node creating a shared network of data across the farm.
Once the data from the nodes reaches the gateway installed at a shed or barn it is sent up into the cloud.
When voltage drops, you’ll automatically receive an alert you can view on the Datamars Livestock web or mobile app.
The farmer fixes the electric fence.

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