WaterPro™ 2

An open-top waterer designed for larger animals for use in or near a barn or in a pasture.

Product Code
880 0003-427
Suitable for:

Fresh water supply all year 

Product icon - Water
Features to help prevent ice forming.
Product icon - Water All Year Round
Clean without turning off the water supply.
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Higher drinking height ideal for larger animals.
    Product Features
    • 7-gallon water capacity.  
    • Access the water line easily through the side opening to keep the ice off your waterer. 
    • Optional immersion heater to further prevent ice from forming. 
    • Our insulated and securely sealed exterior drain plugs can also be used as interior plugs. 
    • Flexibility to seal off one side for cleaning and maintenance without having to turn off the water supply. 
    • Industry leading Jobe Compact Valves. 
    • 8 year product warranty.