Milk in the Vat: Managing cow weight for peak performance

Dairy WOW 4000

Autonomous weighing by Tru-Test provides all of the benefits of weighing cows without added disruption or labor. Introducing the Dairy WOW 4000.

Frequent weight data complements farmer expertise by putting concrete data in their hands. Monitoring weights can help identify cows losing too much in early lactation, calculate ideal dry-off dates, and ensure cows reach optimal breeding weight.

With a fresh look at their Walk Over Weighing technology, Tru-Test has pioneered the next level of weighing efficiency with the Dairy WOW 4000. Integrating easily with the existing infrastructure, the system is designed to be placed in the race or alley exit. Suitable for all parlor styles, the Dairy WOW 4000 seamlessly blends with existing milking routines to collect weights automatically. The EID reader reads tags from one direction, ensuring tags are only read when cows walk over the platform. As cows exit the parlor and walk over the platform, weights are automatically recorded and sent to the Datamars Livestock software.

This automated process provides continuous, real-time weight data without the strain of added labor. Cutting edge weighing technology accounts for any multi-animal errors. The unique algorithm also removes any outliers and gauges gutfill, giving farmers an accurate, consistent weight history over time.

Equipped with all of the accuracy and durability you expect from Tru-Test, the Dairy WOW 4000 is designed to handle high pressure cleaning procedures. The non-slop walking surface is ideal for post-parlor conditions and daily use. Finally, the system can communicate through 4G, satellite, or Wi-Fi, making it flexible for any farm environment.

The WOW autonomous weighing solution gives farmers actionable insights. Regularly weighing milking cows can help farmers make fact-based nutritional decisions based on real-time data to ensure cows are healthy and productive. Farmers can adjust nutritional programs to extend peak milk phase for profitability. Weight data can be combined with milk test results to identify high and poor performing animals. Constant weight data can also help to identify sick or lame animals before milk production suffers. The Datamars Livestock software is simple and easy to use, making the data available in real time, anywhere the farmer has online access.