Active Tag

Whether you’re looking to increase efficiency or simply need another set of eyes on the farm, Tru-Test Active Tag is the solution built with you in mind. Focus on other tasks while we do the monitoring, giving you more freedom.


Built for your peace of mind

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Reduce stress for you and your cows by identifying potential issues early and automatically.
Access real-time cloud data with 24/7 access
By your side 24/7 with real-time insights, giving you more eyes on the farm with less labor.
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Save time with increased efficiency knowing which cows need attention.

Real insights in real time.

  • Active Tag Heat Detection

    Heat Detection

    Tru-Test Active Tag improves the efficiency of farm breeding programs, making it one of the most accurate heat detection products on the market today.

    We analyse each individual cow's behaviour and compare her to herself and her group to enable accurate and timely heat detection.

    • Monitor heats from wherever you are with timely alerts
    • Improve breeding performance with our heat index and optimal AI window
    • Save time by eliminating manual heat detection
  • Active Tag Health Monitoring

    Health Monitoring

    Stay ahead of health issues in your herd, 365 days a year. Our health monitoring detects subtle changes in animal behavior, providing early warnings about potential health problems.

    • We monitor more of the animal’s natural activities, including rumination, feeding, resting, standing and lying, ensuring our system gives you peace of mind
    • Get early warning of a health event as soon as an animal changes behavior
    • Monitor the recovery of sick animals to ensure behavior returns to normal
  • Active Tag Reproduction Reports

    Reproduction Reports

    Manage the full reproductive lifecycle with our advanced Reproduction Reports and customizable settings.

    • Ensure optimal condition at breeding by personalizing voluntary waiting period
    • Our repro status accurately reflects animal events and Active Tag insights, so you make the right decision on each animal
    • Use our breeding report to find exception animals in your breeding activities, with powerful insights and filters
  • Active Tag Find my Cow

    Find My Cow

    Save time by finding cows quickly and easily. Monitor your proximity to the animal as you walk the pen. You’ll see clearly when the animal is within a few metres.

    • Find an individual animal or a small group of animals
    • Find lost tags if still within range of a gateway
    • Simple to use, works on any smartphone
  • Active Tag Group Activity

    Group Activity

    Take the guesswork out of changes in farm management with our Group Activity feature.

    • Understand Group Activity with our comprehensive activity view
    • Monitor how changes in management are impacting group activities over time
    • Identify animals which are struggling or thriving within a group

Like all Tru-Test solutions, Active Tag is grounded on accurate, reliable measurements to streamline activity and deliver timely, easy-to-understand intelligence straight to the fingertips of producers.

  • All animal behavior data is captured and processed with advanced algorithms and machine learning methods to provide accurate heat and health insights. 
  • See how animals are performing against on-heat detection, in-calf, top and bottom performers via simple graphs and charts.    
  • Automatically receive heat information any time a cow is within approximately 1640 feet of the Gateway mounted at the parlor or farm.
  • Instantly share your animal data with staff, vets or consultants without attaching files to emails.
  • Access data from anywhere with Datamars Livestock, a cloud-based program so your animal data is accessible from any smart device.
  • Compatible with Auto-drafters. 
  • Integrated with the systems you already use on farm, including sort gates and farm management software.


Active Tag
Active Tag
Active Tag
Active Tag
Active Tag

How it works 

How it work step one


Individual cow behavior is recorded 24/7 and linked to each animal's EID tag.
How it works step 1


Cow behaviors are tracked based on cow position (standing and laying down) and state (ruminating, feeding, resting, other).
How it works step 3


Data is automatically uploaded to Datamars Livestock any time an animal is within approx. 1640 feet of the Gateway mounted at the parlor or barn.
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Insights are accessible via the web or mobile app and displayed on an easy-to-understand dashboard.
How it works step 5


Access data from almost anywhere. Datamars Livestock is a cloud-based online program so your on-heat data is accessible from any device with an internet connection.
How it works step 6


All behavior data and activity insights are integrated through Datamars Livestock and can be easily shared with third parties including veterinarians and AI technicians.
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